I began this blog as a way of marking time during an extended period of illness. Initially frustrated with being confined to what felt like one square mile after years of gallivanting the globe, I started paying more attention to the gradual shifts in the seasons taking place around me. And realised how much comfort they brought.

The rekindling of a childlike sense of delight at the sight of a polished conker bursting forth from its spiny casing or at the unheralded arrival of spring’s first ladybird has proved powerfully restorative. Stopping to smell the roses is, it turns out, just what the doctor should have ordered!

Like every self-respecting digital narcissist, I have written these posts mainly for myself. As a way of conjuring up long submerged memories of a wonderful free range childhood. As a platform for learning more about our ever shrinking natural world. And as a memo to self of what really matters – and in turn what doesn’t.